Should I Request AC Maintenance This Spring?

Residential HVAC units after an AAA Air Control AC maintenance visit.

It’s about to heat up in Burnet. Make sure your air conditioner is primed for the Texas summer heat rays by scheduling an AC maintenance visit.

Taking care of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment keeps it at top-rate efficiency. It starts with changing your HVAC air filter at least every 90 days. An air conditioning unit with a consistently clean filter uses up to 15 percent less energy, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Plus, your filter catches dust and debris, creating healthy indoor air quality (IAQ).

Allow our team at AAA Air Control to handle the seasonal maintenance for all your heating and cooling equipment. Schedule a tune-up for early spring to restore your AC and enjoy the maximum mileage and efficiency from your investment.

Why Schedule AC Maintenance?

Maintaining your AC is a critical part of homeownership. Just like your car, your cooling system is a complex machine that gets lots of use. That’s why most manufacturers require a preventative plan as part of the warranty policy.

Seasonal check-ups keep your equipment working efficiently and help it to last longer. Additionally, your HVAC specialist will be able to catch minor faults and make corrections before they turn into costly repairs.

What Happens During a Maintenance Visit?

Here are a few maintenance items from our checklist:

1. Clean off the Coils
The evaporator and condenser coils cycle liquid refrigerant, facilitating the cooling process. Over time, these components naturally collect dust and debris. If the coils don’t get scrubbed, your AC can’t correctly cool your Texas home.

2. Kill and remove mildew and mold.
Your AC pulls moisture out of the air and converts it to water. From there, the water travels down the condensate drain. Over time, the damp environment may attract mildew and mold. Your specialist must clean the condensate drain to avoid clogging and protect your air quality.

3. Replace broken parts.
When a small part of your air conditioner breaks, it may not be noticeable right away. However, if left unchecked, it can eventually cause a chain reaction leading to a much costlier repair. Your Burnet HVAC specialist will check for minor issues like chipped fins or missing screws.

4. Check refrigerant levels.
Leaks happen when the refrigerant line gets punctured or comes loose. This can prevent your equipment from cooling all altogether. Additionally, the liquid can cause damage to other parts of your air conditioning unit. Your specialist will test refrigerant levels, refilling, and patching leaks if necessary.

5. Check airflow and inspect for leaky ducts.
Leaky ducts are a top contributor to high utility bills. Your specialist will use equipment to pinpoint leaks and see whether duct sealing or insulation is necessary.

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