Burnet, TX

Air Conditioning

When you need a reliable heating and cooling company to provide installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance on your air conditioning system in Burnet, TX, give our professionals at AAA Air Control a call. We believe in honesty and truly care not just about getting the job done but getting it done right. 

Our professionals know you depend on having a reliable air conditioning system, especially during the summer when it’s hot outside. Let our team provide the services you need so you can always count on having an efficient and well-operating system when you depend on it most.

Whether you need installation for a new home, a full replacement for your current cooling system, or a repair to correct a problem, we can handle it all for you. Even when it’s time for a tune-up before the warm weather arrives, contact our professionals. We will ensure your system is working exactly as it should be.

Contact us at 830-220-5211 or request service online today.

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Air Ducts

For the air duct installation, replacement, or repairs you need, reach out to our AAA Air Control experts. We are always happy to assist and address the importance of properly installed ductwork.

After all, who wants their Burnet, TX, home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to work harder than it needs to because of air leaks? Don’t let faulty ductwork leave you a victim to having your HVAC perform less efficiently.

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Commercial Services

Finding expert commercial heating and cooling services doesn’t have to be a challenge—not when AAA Air Control is around and able to provide you with the exceptional service you deserve.

For the commercial heating and cooling installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance you need, just give our experts a call. We are the best in our industry here in Burnet, TX, and we intend to keep it that way. Our team is proud to offer a maintenance program so you can have the routine services you need to ensure your system is functioning properly.

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Ductless Systems

When you need professional ductless system installation or replacement of your current system, look no further than AAA Air Control here in Burnet, TX.

Have an issue with your ductless system that requires expert repair? Let us help! We can get your system working efficiently again. We also provide routine maintenance services to ensure your system is operating well.

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No matter what type of furnace services you need here in Burnet, TX, our AAA Air Control professionals are here to offer assistance to ensure your home will remain comfortable. We offer a variety of services and can help you prolong the life of your system with routine preventative maintenance.

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Heat Pumps

Look no further than AAA Air Control for expert heat pump installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance here in Burnet, TX. We are your one-stop shop for all your heating and cooling needs, and we would be happy to assist with any heat pump needs you may have.

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Indoor Air Quality

Improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Burnet home doesn’t have to be a challenge. AAA Air Control is here to discuss the best ways you can promote cleaner and healthier air in your home here in Burnet, TX.

Let us guide you on how to enhance your indoor air quality and improve your indoor home comfort.

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Zone Control Systems

When you need a company in Burnet, TX, you can count on for a zone control system installation, AAA Air Control is ready to step in and leave your home better and more comfortable than ever before.

Zone control systems allow you to have control over the temperature in different areas of your Burnet home with the help of thermostats, a control panel, and dampers. Opting to have a zone control system installed in your home can help you reduce some of your expenses for heating and cooling in addition to target the level of comfort you want.

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“Darlene answered quickly and cheerfully, on a Sunday! Paul was there 1st thing Monday to repair! He was fast, knowledgeable, and honest. Both employees gave excellent service and fixed the problem with advice on how to keep it from happening in the future. Thanks for the great experience!”
- Roberta C.
“John and Ray have come out and helped us on multiple occasions. During the 2021 snow storm they braved the roads to come get the heater up and running for our rent house, they were able to identify and fix the issue that day. John has also done 3 or 4 after hours emergency calls for us over the years to get our AC fixed quickly. I have always used them and always will!” – Jacob S.
'- Jacob S.
“When the job is Very difficult, these guys will go above & beyond. Both of these guys are the very best , " there all in" Ray & John are very hard working professionals. Thank You” – Del H.
'- Del H.
“Arrived as scheduled. Accurately assessed the problem. Repaired the issues without any delays. Reasonable and fair cost. If AAA Air Control can fit you into their schedule you don't have a reason to call anyone else.” – Mark B.
'- Mark B.
“Thank You AAA Air Control for sending John out to service our AC unit.
Very professional and super knowledgeable about all the work this young man performed.
Couldn’t be happier with the installation of our new unit that John replaced.
John came out on a Sunday caring enough to get our ac repaired after lightning struck it and didn’t stop till the job was done ✅
Very grateful to this family owned and operated company for all your hard work and care,
“Thank You !!!”
We highly recommend this company for all of your heating and air conditioning repairs or just routine preventative maintenance for your unit in the future.
You won’t be disappointed ?
Thanks Again
Robin” – Robin M.
'- Robin M.
“We are so very impressed with AAA Air Control!! Very professional and they go above and beyond to make sure everything is working before they leave. We just say enough good things!!! Highly recommend!” – Carol F.
'- Carol F.