Lago Vista, TX

Air Conditioning

Time to switch the current cooling system in your Lago Vista, TX, home with an energy-efficient model? Imagine experiencing 24/7 comfort in your own home with the help of a brand new air conditioning system.

Forfeit worrying over whether or not your cooling system will break down during the summer heat when you need it more than ever. Let our leading AAA Air Control professionals install your new air conditioning system today so this can be a reality for you.

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Air Ducts

Moving into a newly built Lago Vista, TX, home and in need of air duct installation? Or is your home ready for air duct replacement? Either way, our team of professionals at AAA Air Control is here for you and prepared to help you maximize the comfort of your home.

Not ready for brand new installation or replacement? We can repair your air ducts to be sure there are no leaks or tears and help you get the most out of your heating and cooling system.

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Commercial Services

Have a new commercial building here in Lago Vista, TX, in need of heating and cooling installation? From selecting the make and model of your system to proper installation and routine maintenance, AAA Air Control is here to help.

We aim to provide each and every one of our customer’s with outstanding service so you can count on us. You can also opt for our maintenance program and enjoy the benefit of knowing your system is in top shape.

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Ductless Systems

If it’s time for a ductless system installation or replacement in your Lago Vista home, AAA Air Control is the only company to turn to for help. As your leading heating and cooling company here in Lago Vista, TX, we are dedicated to providing incredible service, each and every time.

Need your ductless system repaired? Let us take a look and resolve any issues for you.

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If the furnace in your Lago Vista, TX, home is approaching the end of its service life, know our AAA Air Control professionals are here to help you with your upgrade to a newer, more efficient model. From installation and replacement to when you need help with any repairs or annual maintenance, we can tackle it all.

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Heat Pumps

Are you trying to find a heating and cooling company in Texas you can trust to perform expert heat pump installation, repairs, or maintenance? AAA Air Control offers a wide variety of services and can help with all your heat pump needs.

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Indoor Air Quality

Since we spend 90 percent of our time indoors here in Lago Vista, TX, you should strive for ideal indoor air quality (IAQ). AAA Air Control is here to provide you with the indoor air quality solutions you need so you don’t have to worry about breathing in excess pollutants through your vents.

Whether it’s a brand new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system you need or one of our top-quality indoor air quality products, we have you covered.

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Zone Control Systems

Do you have a zone control system in your Lago Vista home yet? If you aren’t familiar with zone control systems, they use thermostats to direct a control panel to open and close ductwork dampers, ultimately providing the amount of heating or cooling you prefer.

What could be better than having a zone control system installed in your home here in Lago Vista, TX? Our AAA Air Control professionals will install your system and set you up for complete comfort inside your home. We are always happy to help!

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“Excellent job and excellent customer service! John walked through the situation with me in layman’s terms so that I could understand what needed to be repaired, and did an excellent job with the repair work. I will now look to AAA Air Control for any of our future HVAC needs. Thank you!” – Todd B.
'- Todd B.
“I recently had a problem with condensation in the duct system of my HVAC System. I called AAA Air Control and they responded to my call within hours and identified the reason for the condensation and recommended repairs. They returned the next day with the repair material and completed the repairs and this condition has not reoccurred since. These are extremely professional HVAC experts and I have the utmost respect for AAA Air Control personnel. I Highly Recommend them.” – Charlie P.
'- Charlie P.
“We have been using AAA Air Control for a number of years now. They removed and replaced our old A/C with a unit they recommended and our electric bill was substantially reduced immediately with the more efficient unit. Triple A has always been exceptionally professional and efficient on maintaining our A/C unit. They deserve the 5 Star rating.” – Charlie P.
'- Charlie P.
“I was staying with my parents last week in Jonestown when the air conditioner stopped functioning. We had set the thermostat for 74 but the temperature had risen to 82; air was blowing out of the vents, but it wasn't cool.

My parents had just replaced a major part in their AC unit in May and paid over $1000, so they were dismayed to find that something else could be wrong. It was around midnight, and we were all panicked, thinking we would have to sleep in 90+ degree temperatures inside the house, until a repair could be performed in the morning. They called their usual local repair company, hoping to leave a message, but the recording mentioned that the folks at that company were on vacation. We called both numbers that the recording suggested, with no success. Now we were really in a panic.

My father opened the yellow pages in the phone book, and we found a list of repair companies that specialized in the specific Trane brand of AC units. I called the first company and left a message, then called the second company, which is AAA Air Control. To my surprise, a person answered, despite the lateness of the hour! Ray Hawkins to the rescue! He asked a few questions, and then said he and his son would be on the way from Marble Falls and arrive within the hour. We were so relieved. Within 45 minutes they arrived, identified the issue as a blown capacitor, and said they had the new part on their truck! They were able to replace it quickly, and within a couple hours the house was cooling back down into the 70s. The total cost of repair was approximately $300, a fair price for their coming out in the middle of the night.

Because of Ray's responsiveness and willingness to service our AC at any hour, we were able to sleep soundly and begin our morning the next day, at our best! We will always be grateful for this quick and easy repair!” – Anjelica A.
'- Anjelica A.
“So very grateful to AAA Air Control for their service, promptness, and courtesy. We live out in the country, with family members ranging in age from 8-85, so it was important that our air con be in working order and that night the heat was unbearable. Our air went out around 8:00 P.M. and so we researched companies that did repairs 24-7, and AAA Air Control was the one we chose. They were here around midnight and were driving off around 1:00 A.M., having completed the repairs. The charge for the repairs was reasonable and our house began to cool down immediately! Thank you, AAA Air Control A/C & Heating Service Company out of Marble Falls, Texas.” – Angie A.
'- Angie A.
“Great service! We appreciate your honesty with the service needs and the costs didn’t break the bank! Thank you!! You earned a loyal customer and we will highly recommend you to our friends neighbors. :-)” – Kim C.
'- Kim C.
“Had AAA service tech John come out to diagnose lack of efficient cooling. Came out same day to diagnose issue. Found leaking Coil on air handler. Gave us a fair price as I shopped it with other contractors. Would highly recommend AAA as your AC repair specialist!! He is going to be mine!!” – Maurice W.
'- Maurice W.