Air Conditioner Repair in Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657

“The previous service was done over the last several weeks. This was done by another company and was provided by 3 different technicians. Each time a different explanation of the problem was given, and each time another part was replaced. after each visit, the unit in question would fail.
I contacted Carrier corporate and was given AAA as a factory authorized dealer.
I contacted AAA and they had a NATE certified technician (Paul) out the following day. He went over all the details of the previous interactions with me, actually listened, and proceeded to evaluate the systems.
H found that the unit which was failing was charged (with Freon) to more than 2 times the amount required. He meticulously corrected the charge of the unit. He explained what the excess charge was causing to happen.
With the previous company, I was out approximately $3,000, and was left with a non-working system.
I highly recommend AAA and can only hope more companies provide similar service.”

– Gene K.