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Just like anything else you own, regular maintenance of the object is a necessity, and especially when it comes to your HVAC system. All the air in your house goes through your air handler and keeping it in tip-top shape only has benefits for you and your home. Regularly scheduled maintenance on your air handler keeps you healthier, extends the life of the unit, and contributes to HVAC higher efficiency and lower bills here in Marble Falls, TX.
AAA Air Control has certified technicians who can handle this for you. Why Do It?
Your air handler works hard to circulate the conditioned air throughout your home without much fuss. It’s like the silent partner in your HVAC system. As such, it can many times be overlooked or forgotten. But regularly scheduled maintenance makes all the difference in it running smoothly and having a long life.

There are several benefits for you, as well as the actual unit, in keeping your air handler in good working order. Since the air handler’s main purpose is to circulate conditioned air, regularly cleaning and tuning your unit will keep your air cleaner. Bacteria, allergens, and mold can build up in the unit’s drain. Cleaning these unwanteds can prevent them from overtaking your ducts and getting to your lungs. Regular maintenance can also save you money. When your air handler is properly maintained, it can save you as much as 30 percent on your monthly energy bill, and it reduces the number of repairs needed overall. The repairs can get very expensive, such as up to $1,000 just to pull out the coil and give it a deep-cleaning bath. Regular maintenance will prevent that. On top of that, having all the components cleaned and looked at regularly extends the life of your air handler. This definitely saves you money.

What’s Involved?

There are a couple DIY tasks you can manage in between your annual or biannual professional maintenance appointments. The first, and most important, is to change your filter regularly, every one to six months, depending on if you have allergies, pets, or smokers in your home. Keeping the filter clear is the biggest priority. The second thing you can do, according to many professionals, is to keep the air handler drain clear by pouring a quarter cup of bleach down it a couple times a year. The bleach will kill any type of bacteria and mold building up and will prevent your drain from overflowing due to these clogs.

The rest of the maintenance needs to be done by a professional. Some of the tasks our professionals perform during a maintenance appointment, while the air handler is dismantled, are:

Cleaning heating and cooling coils
Cleaning and adjusting dampers and actuators
Fixing any leaks in the air handler cabinet and supply ducts
Cleaning, checking, lubricating, and replacing belts, bearings and fans
Replacing filters
Balancing ventilation air distribution, if needed
Tuning up air handler controls
Vacuuming inside the entire unit
Checking and cleaning the condensate drain and pan
Checking the bypass valve

At AAA Air Control, we take maintenance very seriously. There’s a lot riding on the regular care of your HVAC system. Have your air handler maintained on a regular basis to uphold its peak performance. Call us today at 830-220-5211 to set up your appointment or to speak with one of our experts about air handlers in general.

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